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HCE Wood Products, based in the Achterhoek region of the Netherlands, designs, develops and manufactures high-quality wooden stairs for any interior and for every style and mood to suit any individual taste. Our clients are both private and commercial.


Everything comes together in your stairs: the character of your house; your vision vis-à-vis quality and how that translates into durability and convenience; and how home design becomes visible both in its highlights and its details. For the focal point of your home, why not choose the craftsmanship of a specialist: HCE?


Would you like to renovate your stairs? At HCE Houtproducten we can help you in this. Our skilled and qualified staff have years of experience and expertise when it comes to wood products.

Not only can they provide you with expert information, they can also renovate your stairs so that they look like new again.

For information about stairs, please make an appointment.


    Ik geef toestemming aan HCE Houtprodukten om mijn gegevens te verwerken, op de manier zoals staat omschreven in de privacyverklaring.

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