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Wood flooring is becoming increasingly common in Dutch households. Parquet’s popularity is growing on account of the new technologies and endless new possibilities in wood, colours and finishings.¬†HCE Wood Products has been producing Alfa Parquet flooring for more than 10 years. Our long experience and skilled craftsmanship mean that Alfa Parquet has become a household name with floors to suit any interior.

When you buy Alfa Parquet, you are getting a characteristically Dutch product which guarantees quality and durability. The entire production process takes place in-house at HCE Wood Products’ factory in Zelhem (NL), so ensuring high levels of consistency and continuity. For the last ten years and more, the company has been supplying Alfa Parquet to around 120 dealers throughout the Netherlands. Recognition of our superior quality likewise extends beyond our national borders with markets opening up in places like Germany and the UK too.

Because purchasing, production and sales activities take place under a single roof at HCE, parquet can be offered at highly competitive prices. This means that parquet can be produced to order in small-scale volumes. In addition to the benefits of rigorous quality assurance, customers can also take advantage of an enormous range of wood types, wood qualities, dimensions, designs (such as an aged look) and colours.

For example, a floor with a natural, warm appearance to suit the whole family, or perhaps a smart-looking herring-bone design for your business. Over the years, the range of Alfa Parquet floors has become so extensive, that there’s a floor to suit everyone’s taste. This includes solid wood parquet, lamella floors, bourgogne floors and herring-bone floors. Each floor has its own specific characteristic.


Solid wood flooring can be produced to fully suit the wishes of the customer in a wide diversity of wood sorts, qualities, thicknesses and widths. Flooring is available in either a flush design (knots are filled and sanded) or as an aged, smoked or oiled floor. It is recommended that solid wood floors are glued with a two-part epoxy glue on a chipboard underlay.


Lamella floors are parquet floors with a top layer of solid wood glued to birchwood plywood base. Top layers come in a range of different wood types, thicknesses and finishings. The great advantage of a lamella floor is that the floor components almost never contract or expand. This means that a lamella floor “floats” effortlessly on its substrate.


This is a parquet floor with a thickness of approx. 8.5 mm. This is glued to a chipboard or mosaic underlay substrate and then mailed down. Here too, floors are available in a variety of wood types, qualities, widths, designs and colours.


Herring-bone floors are traditional parquet floors with a V-pattern, often installed with a border. In times gone by, the woodblocks often had a maximum dimension of 7 x 35 cm, but the trend nowadays is towards more sizeable blocks. Dimensions these days can extend to as much as 14 x 70 cm. Likewise, herring-bone floors are often aged, smoked or oiled.


More recently, Alfa Parquet has introduced something which is almost unique in the world of flooring: a quality floor that uses strips of 30 cm in width! With its tough-looking exterior, this popular design goes with almost any floor. Alfa Parquet is able to offer a complete range of excellent quality parquet flooring at competitive prices. In fact, there’s a floor to suit any taste. Alfa Parquet, for sure!


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